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# k8s
alias kc='kubectl'
alias kg='kubectl get'
alias kd='kubectl describe'
alias sp='kubectl get pods -o wide'
alias sa='kubectl get rc,pods,deployment,daemonset,svc,ingress,secrets,configmaps,serviceaccounts,services --all-namespaces=true'

# asterisk
alias asc='asterisk -vvvvvvr'
alias asr='asterisk -rx "core reload"'

# docker
alias di='docker images'
alias dpa='docker ps -a'
alias dp='docker ps'

# systemctl
alias res='systemctl restart'
alias rel='systemctl reload'
alias sta='systemctl status'

alias gb='git add . && git commit -m "backup" && git push'

alias sugit='sudo su - git'

alias s='sudo -s'

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